Bring Your Own Budget

Use SMS to record purchases in the budget you already have for $5/month.

Screenshot of Google Spreadsheet Budget in Browser
Screenshot of iPhone Messaging

Enhance your Budgeting Workflow

Available on the go

Add a transaction wherever you are via SMS; no need to wait until you get to a computer.

Fast Feedback

When you record a transaction via SMS, we send back a quick summary. It's generated by your spreadsheet, and customizable by you.

Under Your Control

We integrate with your budget, not control it. You can use SMS in addition to how you already manage your budget.

Privacy Oriented

We don't store your texts. We access your spreadsheet only to insert your texts (and we can't access any other of your data) and never read it. We never share your data.

This is for you if...

  • ... you store your budget in Google Sheets

  • ... and you record all your transactions in a single area (e.g. not in separate sheets per month)

  • ... you transactions area has at least 4 columns: category, description, amount & date

How to use BYOB to record purchases

You send an SMS

Send the amount - you can add an optional category and description.

It Goes in Your Budget

We insert what you sent, along with today's date, into your budget

You get a Response

Your spreadsheet generates a response.

You get it, via text.

Interactive Example

What You Send  

When you send a message, format it as "category amount description".
Category and description are optional.

What Your Budget Gets  

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What You Recieve  

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